Our product

DigitalCrosswords.com is a market leader in the development of online croswords software. We give you a solution, that makes it possible for you to take your old paper based crosswords and turn them into an online crossword business. 

We do this quickly and at a very affordable price. 

What you get with DigitalCrosswords

Digital Crosswords is a complete white label corsswords software. it is easy and affordable and makes it possible for you to publish your crosswords via every platform available. This means that your solvers can solve your crosswords on both their computers, tablets and smartphones. And of course we also offer both Android and iOS apps. 

With this solution you simply have access to the most advanced crosswords software in the world. 

With our software, all you have to do is:

  1. Type in the solution to your crossword in our backend.
  2. Upload a picture of the empty crossword to our backend
  3. Chose which platforms you want to publish your crosswords on
  4. Lean back and smile

That's it. Once you get to know the system it will only take you a few minutes to convert an old paper crossword to an online puzzle for everyone to enjoy. 


With the Digitial Crosswords white label solution you are offered a modern design. The user is immediately met by a crossword they can solve for free, if only they make a free user - giving you their e-mail for your database. Further the user is met by the free offer of 5 free corsswords for signing up, which has entised many solvers in Denmark and Sweeden to sign up. 

You also get the oppertunity of distributing your crosswords to other websites wia iframes. Give your partner an iframe and then you control which crosswords are uploaded to that iframe.