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  • Sell your filed crosswords once again - online?

  • Sell to both companies and end users?

  • Deliver your crosswords in both paper and online versions?

  • Get your own html5 website as your sales platform?


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Find your filed crosswords

Do you like the idea of monetizing all your once archived crossword puzzles?

It's time to take a deep dive into your archives and realize their true value.

Get them online

With our software you will be able to convert your existing crosswords and put them online.

The crossword puzzles will be available via all platforms: computers, smartphones and tablets.  


Quick conversion time

In less than 5 minutes you will be able to turn a filed crossword puzzle into an exact online version.

Thus you will be able to build a complete online platform within a short time.


Enjoy endless sales

Once your "new" crosswords are online, you will be able to sell the same product repeatedly.

Work with minimal production and marketing efforts and make profits even when you are asleep.

“We were fed up by sales work, time and money consuming marketing efforts and too much overall administration. – so we developed this brilliant software and moved our business to a whole new level.”
Gert Reffelt, partner and CEO at

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Our own Danish website screenshot blev etableret i slutningen af 2011 i samarbejde med to af landets mest kompetentente krydsordskonstruktører. Siden udgør et yderst givende partnerskab.
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